My name is Jerry and I write this blog.  I am a husband, a father, a trainer, a traveler, a culture vulture and an avid people watcher who loves to write about all of those things.  My beautiful blended family and I are globe trekkers who have expatted, repatted and then expatted again.  We are slowly discovering that wherever we are — we are home . . .  and missing it at the same time.      





“Crawl in a hole” and other great advice for new expats

You finally made it.  You’re a foreigner . . . in a foreign land.  So now what? There is nothing quite like your first days abroad.  It’s magical.  All of the anticipation and excitement with none of the baggage (unless you count the actual baggage that you’re living out of).  You haven’t yet tripped or bumbled […]

Why Expats Hate June: Retropost

In honor of June . . . (excuse me, I just threw up a little in my mouth) . . . here is a repost of one of my favorites.  Enjoy.     Life as an expatriate is tainted by a single word. “Goodbye.” By nature, the move TO a foreign country is launched with a […]

Yeah . . . We Blend

    My family’s not normal but let’s be honest . . . neither is yours.   I swear this happened one time — in America to boot. I was at my hometown mall watching my daughter (a toddler at the time) trip around the foam rubber, indoor playground just outside of the Panda Express.  I hadn’t […]

The Seven Lies of Repatriation

Ahhh “Repatriation” It’s one of those words that you don’t even look up in the dictionary until you start going through it yourself.  For those less traveled it may not even make sense that we would coin a special word for returning to your country after a time away.  It’s confusing for family and friends who just call it “coming home.” […]

“Hello Again” — The Unanticipated Bright Side of Perpetual Goodbyes

We are expats.  We say goodbye.  A lot. I could end this post right there and know that I have struck a chord.  But I won’t. If you’re living far from home (or you instinctively use finger quotes when you even say the word “home”) you’ve noticed it.  You started this whole thing with a massive […]

The Five (Ironic) Enemies of Living Cross-Culturally

Ironically, this post is based entirely on an outright assumption.  My assumption is this.  If crossing cultures is a part of your life then you probably have some comprehension of the things that prevent you from doing that well.  You don’t need a blog to tell you that mockery (for example) is going to slow you down […]

Going Nowhere: Ten tips for expat Stayers who want to stay well

In the expatosphere we tend to focus on the bookends of our cross-cultural experience.  Starting well.  Ending well.  Moving on.   Between Stayers, Goers and Newbies the Stayers tend to get the least attention.  But the space between the bookends are where the books are. The time between landing and leaving is where the real story is.  The adventure.  The […]

Dear Expat . . . You Are Normal

  Dear Expat,   Let’s be honest.  You are weird.  No offense. It’s not a bad thing.  You’re just — what’s that word? — odd.  No matter where in the world you go, you don’t quite fit.  You’re a foreigner where you live and a visitor where you’re from. You’re weird.  Just own it. HOWEVER. […]

Why Transition is Like Puberty

  I was teenager once.  It was awkward.   I was pretty run of the mill.  Unfortunately the mill that year was cranking out knobby kneed, gangly armed, pimply faced manboys who, despite devoting every waking moment to the art of faking cool, squawked like a chicken every time we laughed.  I was (like all of my counterparts of the same […]

When Transition Gets The Best of You

  Ahh transition.  I teach this stuff.  I do seminars.  I write a blog for crying out loud.  So I hate it when it actually applies to me.   Some of the best advice I ever got about transition (from a friend who also teaches this stuff) is that we are all like a cup […]

Transition and Stuff

  Two years ago exactly we were in the process of repatriating (moving “home” to the U.S. after 7 years in China).  Our lives became consumed with the quest to reduce all of our belongings into 8 suit cases.  We failed but just barely.   Part of my transition back to the States was discovering something […]

Repatriating Normally: 10 Things That Make Coming Home Feel Weird

  Repatriating is weird. It shouldn’t be but it is. It should be awesome — and easy — and the complete redemption of every challenge, every irritation and every bumbling misadventure you have trudged through in your life as a foreigner.  You are being unshackled from the chains of expat awkwardness and outsider fatigue. Language barriers — gone. […]

Introverts on an Expat Team

  Introverts are finally getting a LOT of attention. That’s pretty ironic. So many writers are addressing the challenges that introverts face in a world built for extraverts.  There is a trend . . .  a wave . . . some would even call it a revolution of information that is calling our attention to the fact […]

The Seven Lies of Living Cross Culturally

  People who live cross-culturally, for any significant portion of their lives, are often duped. When we first choose to live as foreigners we are prime for the suckering.  We are wide eyed and overflowing with enthusiasm.  We soak up everything that Lonely Planet, Rosetta Stone and Wikipedia have to offer about our soon to be new home. […]

Why We are Moving to China . . . Again

  This post is especially for those of our friends and family who are curious to know details about our upcoming transition that would just be boring overkill on facebook.  Don’t feel bad if that’s not you but if it is . . . thanks for wanting to know more (we like you more than all of […]

Moving Well: Ten Tips for Highly Transient People

  There have always been nomads but there are more now than ever. Maybe you are one — those people who are going to live their entire lives 3-5 years at a time (give or take).  By choice, calling or mandate you will encounter multiple, major transitions in your life.  Military families, missionaries, international business people, career students, […]


About Me

First things first -- Apologies to those of you who came looking for the real Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. That is not me. I live in China with my beautiful blended family. Together we are on an adventure that has taken us around the world and back . . . and then around again. Specifically 7 years on the East side of the planet (China) -- two years on the East side of the U.S. -- and now . . . back in China (on the East coast). We like East.

I am a cross-cultural trainer and coach which is the second best job in the world (1st being owner of the Dallas Cowboys). In short, I get to help foreigners. It's my thing. Having been one (both away and at home) for so long I love getting the chance to walk people through the joy and pain of crossing cultures. There is nothing like it and I am so blessed to work with people who have absolutely no clue what is happening around them.

I can relate.


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