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99 Questions for Global Families

 Simple, intentional questions open the door to a whole world of insight that is packed away just behind the eyeballs of the people we love. Unfortunately, so much of that insight gets lost in the rut of “hey, how was your day?” Go deeper. Discover more about the people in your home and how they are processing your global life. If you are a family that is living cross-culturally, 99 Questions for Global Families was written especially for you.

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99 Questions for Global Friends takes you deeper in your cross-cultural relationships, one conversation at a time. Pick a number between 1 and 99. Ask. Listen. Share. Repeat. You’ll be amazed what you never knew.

One for global families

Creative Abroad was designed to spark your own creativity. 10 simple projects for global families to do together that target the unique challenges and celebrate the strengths of life as a family abroad.

And one just for fun 

The Day Grandma Got Us Kicked Out of Mexico is a compilation of my favorite, personal stories of bumbling through life as a foreigner. Great for a laugh or a quick reminder that you’re not alone.

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Hey there, I’m Jerry.


My beautiful blended family and I are globe trekkers who have expatted, repatted and then expatted again.  I love the conversation around the highs and lows of global life and my genuine goal is to equip and encourage people in cultural transition. I’d love to connect and hear your story.

99 Questions for Global Families (digging for gold in your own home)

spoiler alert: There is a free ebook at the end of this post. I'm excited about something but not because it's profound. I'm excited because it's simple. So simple. Like insanely simple but I'm watching it work already. Here's the dilemma. I'm a parent AND an expat....

Why expats love community — and struggle to find it again

  I love me some community. Who doesn't? Am I right? It's one of those super-slick buzz words that makes every experience sound better. "Yeah, we live in a mud hut, have no internet, eat tree moss and get malaria twice a year . . . but the sense of community is...

Asia is the new Illinois: Why I Love Raising Global Kids – Part 1 (of about a million)

  A little back story . . . I grew up in the largest cornfield in the world. Illinois, (one of 50 United States), is geographically and politically broken into two distinct regions. Chicago and corn. You could literally travel for hours in any direction from my home...

I Could Be Wrong: The Plague of Expat Perfectionism

I fear your criticism. I thought I would be better at this. I procrastinate. I sometimes feel like I'm faking it to get by. If people knew ________ they would be SO disappointed. I start things and never finish them. I want you to think I look good. I need you to...

How to ask GREAT Cross-Cultural Questions

  Hey, if you haven't already signed up, don't miss the free ebook at the bottom of this post: 99 Questions for Global Friends.   I love sitting down with people who have different lenses than I do. I'm fascinated by the reality that we can look at the exact same...

The Power of Questions and the Problem with Answers

 If you are living cross-culturally lean in a little bit here.  This is important and frankly a bit confusing. Here we go. Asking questions is quite possibly the most significant determiner of your success or failure abroad. The evidence is in and the case studies...

An Expat Husband’s Manifesto

    Spoiler alert for the young and in love . . . marriage is hard.   One more for anyone considering a life abroad. That's hard too.   You read it here first.   My wife and I have been living both of those realities for a good, long time and to be honest we thought...

Five Things Every New Expat Should Know

  There is nothing in the world like the beginning of a cross-cultural experience.   It is a jumbled, beautiful mess of every possible emotion, wrapped in giddy wonder, coated in absolute confusion.   Chances are, if you're just beginning your expat adventure, you've...

Ten Questions That EVERY Expat (or Repat) Parent Should Ask About Their Kids

  Let's start with a quick summary of this whole post.   This is a longer one (at least for a blog post) so let's break it up.  I'll give you all ten questions up front and then you can work through the rest as you please. There are lots of resources and extras below...

Creativity Abroad: Turning Global Family Facts Into Practical Connections

Creativity changes things.  It just does.   Data stirs things up.  It makes us think.  Opens our eyes.  Boils our blood. But it changes nothing. I love Statistics.  Especially the cultural ones.  I geek out on the numbers that peel back the layers and show me...