So who had 17 months in the “How Long til Judah Gets Stitches” pool? Congratulations.  You win.
Another trip to Qingdao Municipal today for my son’s inevitable first stitches.  Two to be exact, after a headfirst dive into the corner of the coffee table.  It seems you don’t get to live in China long without having a painful and sometimes humorous health care story to tell.  Thankfully, this one is not ours.  However, just a month and a half after the ER doctor sewed my wife’s nerve to her tendon with no anesthetic we walked in a bit apprehensive (that is our painful health care story by the way).  On a tip from a friend we discovered that the ER surgeon was not the only option for stitches and asked to go to the Dental Clinic section of the hospital (not sure why we didn’t think of that before).  There we met a delightfully skilled surgeon and following a few brief moments of horrific screams (see above) Judah was stitched good as new (see below).  Now we’re trying to figure out how to keep him from rubbing bananas in his bandage.
Sidenote – the whole trip cost about 20 US dollars which is five dollars less than our copay in the States (the upside of Chinese health care).
Other Sidenote – Our Stateside copay is about one one hundredth of the cost for my wife’s stitches factoring in three trips to Beijing and a surgery to fix the first, botched attempt (the downside).
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