I think my dad went to school with Bill Cosby’s dad.  He once showed me the road that he walked to school as a boy (after he milked the cows, slopped the hogs and butchered the chickens).  I can’t explain it but it really was uphill . . . wait for it . . . both ways.  Freaky.  I remember having a discussion when I was a teenager, wondering what we would have to complain about when we got older . . .

“When I was a kid we rode the bus to school . . . uphill . . . sometimes.  We had to wear red leather jackets with dozens of zippers . . . that went nowhere! We had to play Atari 2600 and wear pants made from parachutes . . . AND WE LIKED IT.”

Yeah . . . times were tough back then.  Thankfully though neither my father’s generation nor mine had to suffer through the realities of the contemporary Western (first world) teen.

This video says it all   

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