500 WordsI am a writer.

I know because Jeff Goins of goinswriter.com told me so.

Ok, he didn’t exactly call me out by name per se but I know he was thinking specifically of me when he designed the 500 words challenge.  That was nice of him.

This is how it works.

Jeff figures there are “lots of people” (his code for me) out there who love to write, who want to write, who have big plans to write but have one pesky flaw.

They don’t write.

There are lots of reasons why “they” don’t write.  They’ve got jobs.  They’ve got kids.  They feel like they’ve got to come up with something epic every time.

So he offers a challenge.  500 words a day for 31 days.  That’s it.

Don’t over think it. Don’t waste time planning or editing or researching or fact checking.  Just write.

A little bit.

Every day.

And hopefully that will be the kick in the pants that wanna-be writers need to reignite their passion.

I see your challenge Jeff.  And I accept.

I’ve gotta tell you though I’m a little cynical.  I’ve wanted to write for a long time but I struggle with consistency.  I write in waves.  I get excited.  I lock myself in a room.  I write a blog post.  Maybe two.  Sometimes three.

Then I get busy with other stuff and forget that I like to write.

Until later when the whole thing starts again.  That’s my cycle.

I’ve got books in my head and I’ve grown to doubt that they’ll ever see the light of paper.

But that’s kind of your whole point isn’t it Jeff?

How do you know me so well?


So here goes.  I’m going to write for the next 31 days.


There I said it.  Out loud.  Well . . . I wrote it quietly but I would say it out loud if my family wasn’t sleeping.  It is internet official and in the true spirit of blogging I have (in my mind) made my declaration known to the world (while only three people may actually read this).

Point is . . .  I am a big doofus if I fail.


Well played Jeff.

I’m kind of looking forward this.  There is something freeing about lowering the bar.  Knowing that I’m going to write whether I have something to write about or not may just spark me to actually write about all of the stuff that I’ve been wanting to write about but felt like I needed to be able to commit some real time and energy to make it good.  I can write total rubbish for the next month and be a total success.

I feel so liberated.  I may go get a tattoo.

So if you are a writer too but share my affliction, maybe you should check out Jeff’s challenge and start your own 500 words.  Even though he designed the whole thing just for me, I don’t mind that hundreds of other people are benefitting from it.

I’m just glad I could help.

And there are my first 500 words.

See you tomorrow.


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