Yeah so the very least of my writing aspirations is to become known as “the diarrhea blogger”

“Hey do you know Jerry Jones?”

     “The owner of the Dallas Cowboys? Yeah sure.”

“No, not the real Jerry Jones, the other one.”

     “There’s another one?”

“Yeah the guy who writes the blog about culture . . . “

     blank stare

“He talks about China (nothing) . . .  and faking Chinese  (zip) . . . and adoption  (nope) . . . and diarrhea”

     “OHHHH Yeah the diarrhea blogger!  He owns the Dallas Cowboys?!  I did not know that.”

Such fame is not even on my radar  . . . but this is too rich to pass up.  Following my last post (The Diarrhea Clinic and Why I Think it’s Funny) this video was shared with me further proving my point that while diarrhea may not be funny to every culture it is indeed funny to our culture no matter what culture speaks (or sings) of it.

Watch it and try not to laugh but don’t stop watching before the song.  You won’t regret it.

And I promise – no more diarrhea anytime soon.  At least on the blog.

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