Grandpa has a junk pile that puts Disney World to shame. For at least two months we have been gearing up for this trip to the States and the most anticipated spot in the country for my daughter has been the hill behind her Grandpa’s shed where old machinery goes to die.  Ironically this is the place where her imagination comes to life.Her excitement dates back two years to the time we restored a 1956 Chevy Tricycle that we pulled out of a tree (see pics below).  Actually it was a compilation of at least three trikes and we had a blast making it shine and painting it blue (as all tricycles should be).  It was a brilliant father daughter bonding project which all of the books on how to be a good parent encourage.  It builds confidence.  I’m afraid that parenting strategy may have backfired on me though.  We did such a great job on the tricycle restoration that she now wants to dig pieces out of Grandpa’s junk pile to build a working Go-Kart or a moon rock retrieving rocket that explodes on the way down so you have to see if you can find the freshly retrieved moon rock.  Who is this child?

Next visit we’re going to build Disney World.  

 The Tricycle Project


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