Royal Schmoyal – Now THIS is a Wedding!

Did you watch the Royal wedding a few weeks ago?  BOOORINGGGG!!  No fireworks.  No marching band. No confetti cannons.  And in all of the pomp and circumstance, among all of the Dukes and Duchesses, Mickey and Minnie Mouse were noticeably absent.  The nerve.

China knows how to celebrate a marriage.  Caught this one with my cell phone last week coming in the front gate of our apartment complex.

Waiting patiently
I always had a hunch that Mickey was Chinese but I had no clue that Minnie was a man or that Tigger was a chain smoker.  Live and learn.

A Confused Groom
I have no idea what is happening here.  I can only assume that the groom has been drinking and thinks this is Daisy.  This marriage can’t last.

Engaging the Senses
A deafening marching band standing in a smoldering fire started by leftover firecracker gunpowder and confetti.  Do not attempt this at home (as if you’ve got a confetti cannon . . . or a tuba)

No horns please . . . Oh wait
My wife pointed out the irony of this picture considering the sign . . . and the trumpets.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Chinese Newlyweds.  Maybe you could pass your wedding planners number on to the Royal Family.



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