Just in case you need a quick break from Idol Mania, here’s a taste of what’s hot in the Middle Kingdom (that’s China).  Gong Li Na was a popular Chinese folk singer already but this song has gone uber-viral on the internet making her a household name.  The song is entitled “Tan Te” which means “perturbed, fidgety or mentally disturbed” (you’ll understand when you watch).  The lyrics are actually untranslatable into any language and hard to describe but listen a couple of times and they’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Sing them for the rest of the day and everyone around you will be perturbed, fidgety or mentally disturbed.  Enjoy.

This song (like anything popular) has opened the door for knock-offs, remixes and spoofs.  This one is my favorite.  Same song . . . Milli Vanilli style (I miss the eighties).

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