This just in . . . A courageous band of mothers who have adopted from China have taken down Osama Bin Laden.I still consider myself a rookie when it comes to this blogging thing but I’m having a boatload of fun with it.  I think the truest quote I have heard so far is Blogging — Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.”  Still . . . I’m getting a kick out of writing, playing with the newest gadgets and watching the stats.  However it has been just a little bit disconcerting that since May 4th when I posted “Turn Off the Light Stupid: What China Thinks of Bin Laden” that I have had a picture of said Bin Laden right over there on the right side of my blog (where my kids and the Angry Bird are now).  Not entirely my fault, I just plugged in the gadget that automatically lists your top three posts and Osama got more attention than anything else (I blame my readers mostly).  So there they have been . . . pictures of my perfectly precious daughter, my Obamish, beefcake of a son and the iconic face of global terrorism.  Try as I might I just couldn’t come up with anything that would attract enough hits to knock him off of his perch (sounds familiar).

Then it happened.  In one day a repost on China Adopt drove more than a thousand hits (small potatoes for good bloggers but a big day for me) to my site and pfft he was gone.  Nicely done ladies (gentlemen too . . . but mostly ladies).  We salute you.

If you want to read about some very cool adventures of families that were brought together through the beauty and chaos of adoption in China then click here . . . and here . . . or here . . . and here too . . . or go to China Adopt and poke around.  And if you want some brilliant insight into what it is like to really live, really love and foster a beautiful baby in China then you should definitely try walking to China . . . the blog . . . not the actual hike . . . that would be silly.

One more thing — I’m realizing the irony of a post celebrating the removal of a picture of Osama Bin Laden which also includes the exact same picture of Osama Bin Laden but I read somewhere that irony tricks more people into reading your blog.  I’m also realizing that if I trick too many people into reading this post then Osama’s picture will once again be in the top three and right over there with the angry bird which would be even more ironic . . . and trick even more people into reading my blog.  I told you . . . this is fun.

AAND . . . the true irony?  My son (who replaced Osama as #3 on the top three list) . . . his birthday?

(pause for dramatic effect)

September 11th.  Whoa.

Thanks for reading

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