I love that youtube viral, phenomenon series “Will it Blend?”  Have you seen this?  The virtually indestructible Blendtec Blender reduces anything and everything to powder.  Light bulbs?  Powder.  Glow sticks? Powder. iPad? Yep. Powder. It’s the pinnacle of internet brilliance. Feeding on our mindless hunger for anything destructive millions of viewers watch over and over as the guy in the white coat asks the same question every time. “Will it blend?” And every time (well, almost), it does.

That’s kind of what this blog is about.  Only instead of reducing one thing to powder this will be an ongoing experiment in mixing stuff together.  What happens when you stick two cultures together and push liquify?  How about three?  Or ten?  Add a marriage.  Some kids.  Then a business.  Throw in some stereotypes and misconceptions, maybe even some prejudice and top it off with a few scoops of insecurity, pride and bumbling awkwardness. Will it blend?  Oh I am confident that it will. Maybe a better question is “How does it taste when it does?”

So here’s to my youtube heros and the sheer genius of cramming things in a blender and pushing buttons. You inspire me.

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