On Being Black in China

So here’s the conversation we have about our son in China.

Chinese friend:  Is he your son?
Us:  Yes
Friend:  Impossible.  He’s so black.
Us:  Yes, he’s adopted.
Friend:  He’s what?
Us:  Adopted
Friend: What?
Us:  Adopted, like from an orphanage (even though he’s not)
Friend:  Ohhhhh!  You have such good hearts.
Us:  Thank you
Friend:  So what country is he from? India?
Us:  No, he is American.
Friend: Impossible.  He’s so black.
Us:  Yes, his birth father is black and his birth mother is . . .
Friend: American?
Us:  No, they are both American
Friend:  (confused look)
Us:  He’s like Obama.
Friend:  Ohhhhhh!  He’s very smart.


  1. I can so picture that conversation in my head – miss you all. red and yellow, black and white – you are all precious to me

  2. Hats off to all the confusion!

  3. I laughed out loud.

  4. Not many people are given the Call to Confusion. What an honor!


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